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1st Congress on Free Energy  

Gran Hotel Princesa Sof�a *****

Free Energy

In engineering, Free Energy means an energy source available directly from the environment and which cannot be depleted (so it is available in an effectively unlimited quantity).  Free Energy, in a strict sense, is energy directly transceived from the environment, and utilized without any artificial aid.
Free Energy, ecolonomically, refers to energy with no or negligible feedstock cost, including solar power, telluric power, water power, and wind power.  But there are lesser known -more exotic- free energy mechanisms.  These include cold fusion, magnet motors, gravity motors, and electromagnetic overunity.
Anything currently involved in the extraction, refining, transport and storage of energy would become obsolete if a free energy device was developed.  Oil, for example, could still be used to produce rubber, fertilizer, etc. but as a fuel source, it could not compete with a device that provides infinite energy beyond the initial cost of the device.  Everything related to oil, including rigs, tankers, refineries, gas stations, etc., would become things of the past. Power companies, powered by natural gas or coal would also vanish.  Everything related to that kind of electricity; coal mines, power poles, power lines, etc., would no longer be needed. Even batteries could be replaced by a free energy device.  Also, alternative energy sources, such as solar panels, wind turbines, nuclear, hydro, etc., would be replaced.
Beyond the probable catastrophic impact on the energy industry and oil rich nations, the impact on industry -as a whole- should be quite positive.  Taking away the cost of energy for the creation of your goods or to provide your services, could only mean higher profits for your business.  Industries with particular high energy costs, such as mining and construction, would see the greatest benefits.  The economy as a whole would also see significant benefits from the potential for growth as new efficiencies are discovered.


Invited Speakers*

Brian O'Leary Stanford R. Ovshinsky Paramahansa Tewari
Thomas Bearden Thomas Valone Leslie I. Szabo
Paul Pantone John K. Hutchinson Miguel Celades Rex
Andreas Kalcker John C. Bedini Nikola Tesla Museum
Harold E. Puthoff Peter A. Lindemann (Presenter)

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Place: Gran Hotel Princesa Sof�a *****

Gran Hotel Princesa Sof�a
'Catalunya Suite'


Plaza P�o XII, 4
08028 Barcelona, Espa�a
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